alltemp® is break-through technology

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alltemp® is break-through technology that delivers performance, efficiency and environmental safety, all in a simple-to-use refrigerant replacement.

Heating and cooling is a big expense for home and business.

The production of R22 is winding down due to its GWP (global warming potential), driving refrigerant costs up. Regulatory deadlines phasing out ozone-damaging HCFC (hy- drochlorofluorocarbons) are on fast approach affecting the supply of nearly all types of refrigerants on the market. The HVAC industry is at a tipping point.

Simple innovation. Big savings.

Replace or retrofit? The difference in cost and pay-off term are vast––and with replacement, there’s often huge waste. Most systems still have years of usefulness, yet are threatened by obsolescence without a refrigerant supply. And some retrofits can cost as much as a new system. There has been no exact drop-in replacement for R-22––until now. While some hydro- fluorocarbons (HFCs) have come close, they run at higher pressures meaning the compressor and major components must be replaced so the equipment can run effectively.

Keep your current HVAC system

Gain operational efficiency with higher outside air temperatures and the lowest retrofit cost on the market––alltemp® requires zero changes in Mineral, AB and POE oil valves or seals, and in- stalls in 6 easy steps.

Improves HVAC performance Oleic acid

alltemp® reduces energy consumption up to 25% compared to R22, with a low pay-off term of 12 to 36 months. Its patented science reduces leaks and can be topped off once leaks are repaired.

Good for the planet

Its key ingredient, oleic acid (think vegetable oil), delivers space-filling qualities that bond with the HFC and block it from escaping into the atmo- sphere. alltemp® has the lowest GWP and ozone depletion potential (ODP) of all R22 alternatives.


What People Are Saying

“We are honored to have Alltemp, Inc. select our iManifold platform to be the preferred technology for installation and verification of their innovative refrigerant products.” Bill Northrup, North Park Innovations Group CEO BILL NORTHRUP


“We were skeptical, as this system cools the entire building’s common area. After a smooth installation, without a hitch, we are now realizing savings in excess of 20% and, after one year experience, we have installed alltemp® in our second (identical) tower. Plus, we received the City of Aventura Go Green Award.” CARYN ROSENTHAL


“I was skeptical, yet intrigued, with the prospect of reducing my HVAC energy costs by up to 40%. However, after participating in Alltemp’s, no risk, Early Adopter Program, my chiller conversion, from R-134a to alltemp® L, has yielded a 38% reduction in energy costs and has been installed without any issues for over one year.” JOE BILBREY



alltemp® Refrigerant Replacement Solutions for Commercial Refrigeration


Replaces R-134a in auto air conditioning and in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems..


A long-term non-ozone depleting replacement for R-22 in low- and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems.


A long-term, non-ozone depleting replacement for R-22 in various air-conditioning applications as well as in positive displacement refrigeration systems.

Our Technology

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alltemp® Refrigerants are designed using proprietary lubricating polar exchange fluids provide immediate savings on energy draw, without any equipment modifications or compressor oil change outs.

Now your air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump applications can have the optimal balance of performance, environmental sustainability, safety, and cost. alltemp® runs at much lower pressures than traditional refrigerants, resulting in less wear and tear on equipment and leakage.

Learn about alltemp® Refrigerants – the portfolio of more environmentally sustainable and low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants from alltemp® solutions.

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