Step 1

Check equipment Baseline readings to establish performance with existing refrigeran

Step 2

Remove existing refrigerant (R-22, or any other) from the system into a recovery cylinder, weighing the amount removed. Vacuum should be at least 500 microns, and evacuated gas should NEVER be discharged into the atmosphere.


Step 3

Maintenance System: This is a good time to evacuate the system and check for leaks. alltemp® has a self-sealing characteristic but will not repair broken seals, gaskets, or expansion valves. For maximum energy savings.

Step 4

Charge with alltemp® Remove as a liquid only from cylinder. The initial charge amount should be approximately 80% by volume of the previous refrigerant.


Step 5

Start system & monitor coil temperature. If needed add more alltemp® gas – half a pound at a time. Do not exceed the previous refrigerant volume that you weighed when removed. Oil levels should remain unchanged.

Step 6

Monitor AMP draw – should be 10% – 30% less. Label system for the new refrigerant used.


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