Green Technology changes HVAC operations forever


The industry has long searched for a better way

The many blends and varieties of refrigerants on the market are proof of a journey of trial-and-error, compromise and
trade-off.Greater savings with the highest energy efficiency 
has always been our goal.

It seems that all refrigerants come with some hidden cost––from toxicity to flammability, GWP to ODP, cost of retrofit to lower performance. Accelerating the search for an exact drop-in replacement is the global march toward environmentally friendly solutions that meet Montreal Protocol standards, while continuing to increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. It’s a complicated landscape littered with compromise.

Until now. alltemp® has changed everything in a dramatic way to save customers thousands in operating cost. This seamless alternative is compatible with nearly all HVAC systems as well as heat pumps, manufacturing plants, data centers and other applications requiring refrigerant.

alltemp® so dramatically reduces AMP draw and the consumer’s energy costs that it also qualifies many for energy tax credits and brings greater savings with the highest energy efficiency


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