The alltemp® Portfolio of Low GWP Refrigerants for Stationary Applications

alltemp® Refrigerants are designed using proprietary lubricating polar exchange fluids, which provide immediate savings on energy draw, without any equipment modifications or compressor oil change outs. 

alltemp® runs at much lower pressures than traditional refrigerants, resulting in less leakage and equipment wear and tear.

Now your air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump applications can have the optimal balance of performance, environmental sustainability, safety, and cost.

alltemp's molecular structure contains lubricated space filling oleic acids that create a PERMANENT bond to the HFC, increasing performance, while decreasing energy consumption (total kWh) with a 70% greener output (GWP).

alltemp molecule2.png

  • alltemp® forms a protective barrier against heat and friction thereby improving the flow of carbon, chlorine and fluorine at the atomic level, extending compressor and system-life.


  • It contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces.


  • alltemp® reduces wear, has zero glide and improved fluidity due to its unique molecular structure that contains lubricated space filling oleic acids, which create a permanent bond of slick-insulation to the HFC.


  • It lowers pressure, temperatures, decreases leaks and increases performance with its proprietary molecular bond lubrication.


  • alltemp® is truly "non-flammable" (A1 Rating) and 100% NON-COMBUSTIBLE in ALL temperatures, atmospheric pressures and conditions. It is 100% non-toxic, so water is not necessary to neutralize refrigerant in case of leaks.


  • Unlike many new refrigerants alltemp® is stable. It’s TRULY azeotropic, meaning it's a single-fluid, refrigerant with a single boiling point. alltemp® does not separate damaging equipment, decreasing performance and increasing your energy consumption (kWh).